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The First Season

by David E. Sluss

2000 - 2001

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Andromeda's first season and for the season as a whole.
Under the Night (6.0 / D-)
Summary: After 300 years, Captain Dylan Hunt and his sentient starship Andromeda Ascendant emerge from a black hole to discover that the universe has descended into chaos.
The Bottom Line: Disappointing, with a lot of clumsy execution and far too many Trekkian cliches. Let's hope this series gets better in a hurry. More...
An Affirming Flame (7.0 / C-)
Summary: Hunt attempts to reason with a ragtag freighter crew determined to salvage the Andromeda for themselves.
The Bottom Line: Better than the first part, but I still don't feel this show has gelled into a terrific product. More...
To Loose the Fateful Lightning (3.0 / F-)
Summary: Hunt discovers a High Guard outpost populated by children and under Magog assault.
The Bottom Line: Hopes for improvement will have to wait another week, as this episode is pretty much a dead loss, with contrived and unbelievable situations and some terrible performances. More...
D Minus Zero (7.5 / C)
Summary: A mysterious vessel attacks the Andromeda as Hunt's new crew question his capabilities.
The Bottom Line: A standard-fare, "getting to know you" outing; nothing ground-breaking, but nothing outrageous either. More...
Double Helix (8.0 /B-)
Summary: Hunt intervenes in a dispute between a Nietzschean colony and a Than fleet.
The Bottom Line: It shouldn't really add up, except perhaps as Nietzscheans = (Klingons + Kazon)/Yawn, but somehow it does. More...
Angel Dark, Demon Bright (8.0 / B-)
Summary: An accident in slipstream sends the Andromeda 300 years back in time, giving Hunt a chance to prevent the Commonwealth's defeat.
The Bottom Line:A necessary and largely entertaining episode, one which avoids a number of pitfalls but which opens several cans of worms. More...
The Ties That Blind (5.0 / F+)
Summary: Beka's brother, a former con artist, drops by. But is he up to his old tricks?
The Bottom Line: There are a few good bits here, but this is largely a sloppy, badly-acted mess. More...
The Banks of the Lethe (6.0 / D-)
Summary: An experiment in teleportation provides a possible way for Hunt to be reunited with his long-lost fiancee.
The Bottom Line: With its questionable technology and associated babble, gratuitous space battles, and foregone conclusion, this felt a bit like an episode of Voyager. More...
A Rose in the Ashes (2.5 / F-)
Summary: Hunt and Andromeda are captured and imprisoned.
The Bottom Line: Boy, did that stink -- not a good way for the show to end its initial run of new episodes. More...
All Great Neptune's Ocean (5.5 / F+)
Summary: When Hunt lobbies a planet to join the new Commonwealth, the planet's leader is murdered..
The Bottom Line: There's a potentially respectable story here, but the execution is deadly dull and painfully contrived. More...
The Pearls That Were His Eyes (7.5 / C)
Summary: After receiving a years-old transmission from her father's old business partner, Beka tries to find him.
The Bottom Line: A decent outing, especially in light of recent episodes, but one which ends badly. More...
The Mathematics of Tears (6.5 / D)
Summary: The Andromeda crew discover another Commonwealth starship, but its crew are not what they seem..
The Bottom Line: Despite some good parts, it's a bit sloppy, and it plays like Dreamscape Meets Tron Meets The Outer Limits. More...
Music of a Distant Drum (6.0 / D-)
Summary: Tyr suffers amnesia after crash-landing on a planet where humans are routinely captured and turned into slaves by Nietzschean raiders.
The Bottom Line: A proper mixture of characterization, action, and continuity. So why is it so deadly dull? More...
Harper 2.0 (8.5 / B)
Summary: After a dying alien uploads a library of information into Harper's brain, he is pursued by a determined assassin.
The Bottom Line: Finally, we seem to be getting somewhere, but is it a place we want to go? More...
Forced Perspective (7.0 / C-)
Summary: Hunt returns to a planet where 300 years ago he carried out a secret mission for the Commonwealth.
The Bottom Line: Tolerable, if a bit over-the-top and sickeningly Roddenberryian in places. More...
The Sum of Its Parts (7.0 / C-)
Summary: An alien composed of mechanical parts visits the Andromeda. Other larger and angrier members of his race drop by too.
The Bottom Line: Pass the insulin. It wasn't my cup of tea, and I question the wisdom of introducing a poor man's Borg Collective into the Andromeda universe. More...
Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way (4.0 / F)
Summary: Gerentex returns to make Harper and Trance an offer they can't refuse.
The Bottom Line: It's supposed to be a fun, gonzo adventure, I guess, but instead it's a profoundly annoying mess. More...
The Devil Take the Hindmost (7.0 / C-)
Summary: Hunt and Rev try to protect a Wayist colony from slavers, but are frustrated by the fact that the Wayists refuse to fight.
The Bottom Line: Some interesting ground is covered here, but I don't think that all of the implications were thought through. More...
The Honey Offering (8.0 / B-)
Summary: While transporting a Nietzschean dignitary to her wedding, Hunt discovers she has another agenda.
The Bottom Line: Some of this is pretty implausible, but it's a definite improvement over recent mediocre-at-best outings. More...
Star-Crossed (5.0 / F+)
Summary: Andromeda falls in love with a fellow starship avatar, an android who may be hiding something.
The Bottom Line: The episode that had to happen is as bad as it had to be. More...
It Makes a Lovely Light (7.0 / C-)
Summary: When Beka discovers a possible slipstream route to Tarn-Vedra, she pushes herself to the breaking point to get there.
The Bottom Line: Except for the drug plot, this was a pretty decent show. The bad news is that there wasn't much other than the drug plot. More...
Its Hour Come 'Round at Least (7.5 / C)
Summary: A computer malfunction recovers Andromeda's hidden memories of a disasterous mission to Magog space, and she forces the crew to return there to complete the mission.
The Bottom Line: Plenty of kung fu, extras in bear costumes, and designer eyewear. Heads roll, eyeballs roll. No breasts. Cynic says check it out. More...
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