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Meditations on the Abyss (6.0 / D-)
The Bottom Line: A "Seinfeld" tribute, namely an episode about nothing. Those arguing that Season Five is "filler" get more ammunition. I don't know if it's filler or not, but this episode sure feels like it. More...
Darkness Ascending (8.0 / B-)
The Bottom Line: That's better. It finally looks like this "mysterious attacks" storyline is progressing after what seems like a few years. More...
Movements of Fire and Shadow (8.3 / B)
The Bottom Line: Another strong episode, despite some contrivances. More...
Sleeping in Light
Babylon 5: Thirdspace (4.0 / F)
The Bottom Line: "Turdspace" circles the bowl. One of the worst ten hours I've ever spent in front of a television. It was only two hours, you say? My internal clock says different. Dull and plodding with an unimaginative payoff, "Turdspace" should be flushed from memory as soon as possible. More...
Babylon 5: The River of Souls
Crusade: War Zone (4.5 / F)
The Bottom Line: Tepid and talky, with dialogue that could not conceivably have come out of the mouth of a real human(oid). More...



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