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Babylon 5

"Darkness Ascending"

by David E. Sluss

4 June 1998

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: That's better. It finally looks like this "mysterious attacks" storyline is progressing after what seems like a few years.


HEAVY HAND OF THE WEEK: Okay, everybody knows Garbaldi is Slipping Fast and Headed for a Major Screwup. We didn't really need a dream sequence and a subtle-as-a-brick-to-the-head "We'll be counting on you more than ever" to drive the point home. I'm still waiting for this story to go somewhere; this week's "developments" with the smartass waiter and the annoying Lise don't cut it.

BOOB OF THE WEEK: Many fanboys' eyes (and video capture equipment) were undoubtedly glued to Delenn's negligee in the Bedroom Scene, but the real boob is Sheriden babbling about how wrong he was to be upset with Delenn, when she is obviously worried sick about Lennier and couldn't care less about that. No wonder Anna joined the Shadows and Lochley dumped that insensitive clod.

ILL-CONCEIVED TEST OF THE WEEK: G'Kar's testing of Lyta was inept to say the least. It's fatal flaw, of course, is that if Lyta really were untrustworty and willing to spy on the ambassadors, she would probably scan G'Kar's mind and find out that he was testing her and what answer he wanted. Du-uh. More evidence, as if last week's "river epiphany" wasn't conclusive, that the Narn are dumb hicks. But I guess their hearts are in the right place.

STAR WARS HOMAGE OF THE WEEK: Lennier hiding in the space debris. "It's standard Centauri procedure before going to hyperspace." Okay, it's not quite the same, but what the hell.

STAR TREK HOMAGE OF THE WEEK: Say, that technobabble about tracking tachyon beams in hyperspace was almost as "good" as that found in your average Voyager episode.

MISSION CREEP OF THE WEEK: Last week, Montoya supposedly knew nothing of Lennier's secret mission to spy on the Centauri, presumably to give him deniability. This week, he's sharing a moving Technobabble Moment with Lennier about this very mission and seems to know all about it. What's up with that?

LAX SECURITY OF THE WEEK: Delenn talks to Lennier on a "secure channel" ... in front of an open door leading to a hallway.

NEXT WEEK: Londo channels Krushchev? Let's hope he keeps his shoes on... (not reviewed)




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