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The Cynic on "River of Souls"

by David E. Sluss

9 November 1998

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I didn't have the time to do a full-blown Cynics Corner Review for this film, at least not in a timely fashion, but I have a few stray comments to make.

1. I liked this film a lot more than I expected. It's a hell of a lot better than "Turdspace," to be sure. Off-hand I'd score it in the mid to upper 6's.

2. B5 Schtick of the week: JMS hasn't been careful enough over the years, and has inadvertantly created B5's equivalent of Star Trek's "Holodeck Gone Awry" schtick, namely the "Archeology Gone Awry" schtick (which in this case is actually combined with a holodeck gone awry). The premise of Crusade, unfortunately, sounds like it's going to lend itself to having a lot of these types of stories. JMS has created a universe in which anyone with a shovel is a potential destroyer of worlds.

3. Sheen: I'm not his biggest fan, but he was fairly effective here, though it seemed like some of his "soul hunter mannerisms" were a bit inconsistent from scene to scene. I wasn't especially impressed with B5's "second banana" cast though, particularly Conaway, who is never impressive, and Cox, who could give a good performance, but who is usually given awful, awful material to work with (i.e. that stupid bat scene.)




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