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Sycophants Sector Review of "Sleeping in Light"

by David E. Sluss

1 December 1998

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Sorry for the delay in this review. It's just that I didn't want to take time out from rewatching this episode over and over again to write about it!

THE BOTTOM LINE: Flawless. A thing of beauty. We may never see such a thing again in our lifetime.


INNOVATION OF THE WEEK: Frankly, going out with an episode without a plot is a masterstroke on JMS's part. It defies convention and conventional thinking, and for that, JMS should be applauded.

LOOSE ENDS OF THE WEEK: None that I can find. Everything in the series is wrapped up in a totally satisfying way. Those whining, "What happened to David?" or "What about the Keeper in the jar?" or "Why and how were Delenn and Sheridan captured by the Centauri, as seen in 'War Without End'?" obviously don't understand and have never really been with the program. Ignore them. They don't see that we were led by a master into believing that a certain type of ending was coming, and then totally surprised by at the ending that was actually presented. But isn't that what we're all here for?

SURPRISE OF THE WEEK: Well, that clever JMS made us all believe that the Babylon 5 station would be destroyed in a worthy cause, and once again, the genius outwitted us all, by making B5 the victim of bureaucracy. And it makes perfect sense. Naturally, neither Earthgov or any cultural organizations could see historical value in preserving the station, and it's much safer for space traffic to have small chunks of the station floating around the Epsilon system at random, than to have the whole thing jeopardizing everyone from its Epsilon 3 orbit. It's a brilliant coda to the station's history, and it's so obvious in retrospect, the only ending that fits, really. And JMS himself shutting the place down -- is that cool or what? But I sure hope he got off okay. He seemed to shut all the power down before leaving!

NEXT WEEK: Well, there is no next week. It'll be hard to get by, but thankfully I have my tapes and my memories. Thanks, JMS, for making my life worth living.




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