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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

"Rocks and Shoals"

by David E. Sluss

28 October 1997

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: The Ship crashes again on a desolate planet, this time with Sisko and company on board, but they find that they are not alone. Meanwhile, Kira is disturbed to learn that she has been collaborating with the Dominion occupation.


MISGUIDED CHARACTERIZATION OF THE WEEK: Yet another attempt to breathe life into a Jem'Hadar goon. I really think that the Jem'Hadar only work as faceless soldiers with no personality at all; that's why they were created, right? Besides, a lot of that crap they spout ("Victory is life!") sounds too much like beaten-to-death Klingon Honor and Tradition cliches. We don't need that. I did appreciate the continuity in the mention of the fragging of Weyoun-Alpha in "To the Death," however, and it was a good idea on Sisko's part to try and turn that Jem'Hadar.

UNEXPLAINED MYSTERY OF THE WEEK: What were those Jem'Hadar up to when they crashed? Why did they happen to be carrying all those pretty dresses for what was supposed to be a three-hour mission?

SMALL WORLD STORY OF THE WEEK: The Ship just happens to crash within earshot of the shipwrecked Jem'Hadar? There was a beer commercial like that once. Besides, here's a desolate, arid planet, apparently; how fortunate that The Ship hit water.

GRATUITOUS CASUALTY OF THE WEEK: Not that redshirt who bought it (of course, the real surprise was that one of them survived), but rather Dax's injury. Was there any reason for that? Subsequent episodes suggest that there wasn't.

EUNUCH OF THE WEEK: Skilled liar Garak, who finds himself speechless, even though he's talked his way out of tougher situations, or at least he tried. Snip snip.

WAR CRIME OF THE WEEK: Hey, Ben, you could at least try the stun setting.

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