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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

"Profit and Lace"

by David E. Sluss

15 May 1998

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: I didn't expect much from this episode, and it delivered everything I expected.


CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR OF THE WEEK: This episode was close to working for maybe the first fifteen minutes. I got a genuine chuckle out of the idea of Ferengi as telemarketers (more below), and out of the robotic sing-along of the Slug-O-Cola jingle smack in the middle of a conversation. Unfortunately, around the time Brunt showed up, the episode slipped into standard idiotic Ferengi shenanigans. And speaking of which...

MYSTERY OF THE WEEK: Why in the name of Hell does the DS9 staff continue to produce these "Ferengi episodes" when they are so hated by the fans? That's not to say that everyone hates them or that I think that every Ferengi episode is terrible (but most are), but the writers have to know that every season, every "fan poll" has the two or three Ferengi episodes at or near the bottom. Do the Nielson ratings dip for Ferengi episodes? It's hard to believe that they don't. DS9 staff: please, give it up.

MYSTERY OF THE WEEK RUNNERUP: What episode will win the Cy Award for Worst Episode of the Season at the first annual Cynics Corner Awards (coming in June to a news server and website near you)? The DS9 staff has muddied the waters even further by dishing out yet another serious contender for the award. It'll be a tough call, because DS9 has produced more dogs than a mongrel in heat this year.

S.F. TREND OF THE WEEK: Telemarketers. In addition to the aforementioned scene in DS9 this week, Sunday's The X-Files featured a monster who was turning telemarketers into zombies (naturally, no one noticed).

DISAPPOINTMENT OF THE WEEK: I read on some spoiler website a month or so ago that Zek would die in this episode. Liars!!!

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NEXT WEEK: It's time for "Cave Girl 2" with a bit of Happy Time Travel thrown in for good measure. I'll bet that Meaney will salvage something out of this; he always does.



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