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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

"Time's Orphan"

by David E. Sluss

23 May 1998

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: A good-hearted story with some nice performances, and even a tolerable B-story, ended by an appalling hit of the Extra-Large Reset Button.


CONSEQUENCES OF THE WEEK: None that I can find. The ending was very thorough in erasing Molly's trying experience, O'Brien's criminal activity, Odo's aiding and abetting, and just about everything else of substance that happened. About the only measurable impact this episode had is that Yoshi now says "Gung! Gung! Gung!" all the time. I say: "Dung! Dung! Dung!"

PLOT CONTRIVANCE OF THE WEEK: That's an easy call: The alien gizmo did <tech>, <tech> and the other <tech>, so that Cavegirl Molly mistakenly went back to the time of Young Molly's original appearance in the past, thus allowing Young Molly to be sent home. How conveeeeenient.

PHONY MORAL DILEMMA OF THE WEEK: That business about how "We don't have the right to retrieve Young Molly because it will erase Cavegirl Molly's existence" is a big load of bull. I guess the attitude here is consistent with the crew's attitude in last year's "Children of Time," But the situation here in "Time's Morphine" is quite different. Miles, Keiko, Julian: erasing this Molly's ten years of solitude is a Good Thing, and a Humane Thing. You wouldn't be erasing Molly's existence by retrieving Young Molly, you would be improving her existence. 300 years ago an eight-year old girl is crying and alone, while you debate metaphysics. I don't believe Miles would go along with this; I think he would have stayed at that portal retrieving Mollys (Mollies?) until he got the right one.

EUNUCH OF THE WEEK: Poor Odo. Kira's pining for children and all he can do is stare at a bulkhead and clumsily change the subject. All the Viagra in the world isn't going to fix what's ailing you, no matter how cool a cat you are, Odo.

NEGLIGENT PARENTS OF THE WEEK: Is it Miles and Keiko, willing to abandon their daugther on an uninhabited world? No, it's Dax and Worf, babysitting Yoshi in their quarters, where Bat'Leth's hang entirely unshielded and too close to climbable furniture.

CRYBABY OF THE WEEK: No, not Yoshi, but Worf, belly-aching about how no good he is as a father. Does Worf ever do anything but whine and posture these days? Jadzia will probably be relieved to be heading for the great beyond in a few weeks....

SURPRISE TWIST OF THE WEEK: The Defiant goes out on a mission, in this case to help out O'Brien on Gardenia, and some of the senior officers don't go! You mean there were senior officers on DS9 during this crisis? Wow!

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