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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

"Once More Unto the Breach"

by David E. Sluss

15 November 1998

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: Tolerable, as Klingon Klaptrap episodes go. But how many times can we be expected to sit through the same plot?


CLOSURE OF THE WEEK: Well, it's important to wrap up all those important story arcs in this, DS9's last season, and what could be more important than wrapping up the Kor story? I certainly can't think of anything.

RECYCLING OF THE WEEK: Well, we've seen this particular story a few times, haven't we? Incompetent Klingon warrior shows proves himself in a crucial battle, and earns the respect of his comrades. Two years ago, in "Soldiers of the Empire" (which also featured an inspiring Klingon song at its end; is there enough for a soundtrack album yet?), this plot was a little gamy. Last year, the decaying corpse of this plot imparted a noticeable stench to "Wimps and Whiners."  Now this plot is really starting to stink. It's past time for a burial, I would think.

CONTRIVANCE OF THE WEEK: The mercifully small B-story this week, Quark thinking that Ezri wanted to get back with Worf and trying to set her straight, is set up by some really unbelievable dialogue. Quark overhears Ezri talking to Kira about Kor, but only hears her pronoun-disguised speech: "The memories I have of being with him are so vivid. I can't bear the thought of losing him. I'd give anything to be together one more time." Come on. Nobody talks like that about an old friend; that kind of talk is reserved for old flames. As a result, this whole subplot struck me as being as phony as a three-dollar bill.

MISSING SCENE OF THE WEEK: Well, it looks like DS9's writers have elected to not show us yet another crucial engagement. No, I'm not talking about Kor's miraculous defeat of ten Jem'Hadar ships. Given Worf's comments about belief in legends at the beginning of the show, it was appropriate (and budget-sound) not to show that. I'm talking about the Rebel Alliance's offensive in the Callandra system. It was mentioned in "Afterimage" that such an offensive was planned, and apparently it succeeded. The Defiant and other vessels were waiting in the Callandra sector for Martok's fleet, and so presumably that sector has been taken by Starfleet; otherwise, Kor's sacrifice wouldn't have been that big a help, if Martok and company were headed into another Dominion-controlled sector. The continuity is nice, I suppose, but (here it comes, Cynic fans) it would be nice to actually see some of these engagements take place.

TRIVIAL CONTINUITY OF THE WEEK: The bloodwine Worf offers Kor is the 2309, the same vintage that Nog procured last week, in "Treachery, Faith and the Great River." I'm now satisfied that Season 7 is indeed a tightly plotted pre-planned story arc.

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