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by David E. Sluss

2001 - 2002

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Cynics Corner Reviews are available for all episodes from
Enterprise's first season, and for the season as a whole. *
Broken Bow (8.0 / B-)
Summary: Captain Jonathan Archer and company set off to go where everyone will someday go.
The Bottom Line: A surprisingly good start. Who'd have thought? More...
Fight or Flight (7.0 / C-)
Summary: The Enterprise crew encounters a ship full of corpses, and Hoshi must face her fear.
The Bottom Line: Not bad, but its execution is heavy-handed at times and the characterization is uneven. More...
Strange New World (7.0 / C-)
Summary: An overly enthusiastic attempt to explore an Earth-like planet leads to danger.
The Bottom Line: Reasonably entertaining, but it could be a long season if they've already pulled the "Naked Time" club out of the bag. More...
Unexpected (6.0 / D-)
Summary: A chance encounter with an Alien of the Week leads to an unexpected bundle of joy for a member of the Enterprise crew.
The Bottom Line: Points for giving us a rare Star Trek look at an alien society that is actually somewhat alien, but this episode was "expected" to be pretty lame, and it delivered. More...
Terra Nova (6.5 / D)
Summary: An investigation into the disappearance of the first human colony in deep space leads to a disturbing discovery.
The Bottom Line: I didn't much care for this episode when it aired last season as Voyager's "Friendship One," and it's no better here. More...
The Andorian Incident (7.0 / C-)
Summary: Archer and company stumble into an interstellar conflict while visiting an ancient Vulcan monastery.
The Bottom Line: This probably should have been the breakout episode for Enterprise, but while there is some entertainment value, this is a painfully predictable tale with some lapses of common sense. More...
Breaking the Ice (7.5 / C)
Summary: As T'Pol confronts a personal crisis, Enterprise investigates a newly discovered comet while being observed by Vulcans.
The Bottom Line: This episode features some laudable character-building and actual humor, but it's saddled with filler, weird science, and a contrived Crisis Situation. More...
Civilization (8.0 / B-)
Summary: The Enterprise crew makes a disturbing discovery while studying a pre-industrial civilization.
The Bottom Line: I rather enjoyed this episode, despite its by-the-numbers nature and a lot of my usual hobbyhorse issues. More...
Fortunate Son (6.75 / D+)
Summary: Archer and Company get more than they bargained for why trying to assist a freighter crew under attack by space pirates.
The Bottom Line: Despite some useful background information, I found the execution to be rather predictable and pedestrian. I'm sure some people thought it was interesting to focus on another crew when so many of the regulars are lacking development, but -- It ain't me! More....
Cold Front (8.0 / B-)
Summary: While interacting with a group of pilgrims visiting a spatial anomaly, the Enterprise crew is pulled into the Temporal Cold War.
The Bottom Line: A fairly solid outing on its own terms, but it may not bode well for the "future" of the Temporal Cold War storyline. More...
Silent Enemy (7.0 / C)
Summary: The Enterprise is attacked by a mysterious alien race; meanwhile Archer tries to learn more about the mysterious Malcolm Reed.
The Bottom Line: There is some good material here, but overall it plays like a case study in how not to do an A-B story episode. More...
Dear Doctor (8.75 / B+)
Summary: Forehead Aliens ask for the crew's help to cure an epidemic that may annihilate their species.
The Bottom Line: A strong episode, one which manages to avoid most of the usual pitfalls. More...
Sleeping Dogs (6.5 / D)
Summary: Enterprise encounters a vessel trapped in the atmosphere of a gas giant, and the crew's investigation gets them more than they bargained for.
The Bottom Line: Everything you already knew about the Klingons, and didn’t care to ask. More...
Shadows of P'Jem (6.5 / D)
Summary: The Enterprise crew faces the consequences of "The Andorian Incident."
The Bottom Line: A laudable exercise in continuity and follow-through which is hopelessly marred by silliness. More...
Shuttlepod One (8.0 / B-)
Summary: Believing the Enterprise has been destroyed, Tucker and Reed confront their impending deaths, trapped aboard a shuttlepod low on air.
The Bottom Line: An old story in new packaging, but it's reasonably well executed. More...
Fusion (6.0 / D-)
Summary: When Enterprise is visited by a crew of emotionally liberated Vulcans, T'Pol is tempted to explore her own repressed feelings.
The Bottom Line: Weird astronomy, weird Vulcans. I think I'll pass. More...
Rogue Planet (5.0 / F+)
Summary: On a planet floating free in interstellar space, the crew explores the unlikely ecosystem while a group of alien hunters stalk the planet's game.
The Bottom Line: "Captive Pursuit" meets "The Man Trap" in a dull, scientifically ludicrous, and entirely predictable outing. More...
Acquisition (4.0 / F)
Summary: The Enterprise is raided by a crew of strangely familiar pirates.
The Bottom Line: If this pointless, moronic, and continuity-bending appearance by the Ferengi doesn't prove that Enterprise's Powers That Be are contemptuous of their viewers, I don't know what will. More...
Oasis (5.0 / F+)
Summary: The survivers of a crashed alien vessel are found on a desolate world, but they have a dark secret.
The Bottom Line: The third member of Enterprise's mid-season Axis of Evil, along with "Rogue Planet" and "Acquisition." More...
Detained (6.5 / D)
Summary: When Archer and Mayweather inadvertantly enter an alien military zone, they are imprisoned with a group of Suliban detainees.
The Bottom Line: A step up from recent outings, but isn't the heavy-handed allegory schtick getting a little tired? More...
Vox Sola (7.0 / C-)
Summary: A strange alien lifeform takes over the cargo bay and captures several Enterprise crew members.
The Bottom Line: While it's pleasant to see something other than the usual Forehead Alien approach to extraterrestrial life, this episode's thin plotting makes it difficult to recommend. More...
Fallen Hero (7.5 / C)
Summary: Accused of criminal activity, a Vulcan ambassador is kicked off her assigned planet and is transported back to a Vulcan ship by Enterprise.
The Bottom Line: A "chase" plot, which for the most part doesn't rise above the level of standard fare. More...
Desert Crossing (6.5 / D)
Summary: After being invited to visit a desert planet, Archer and Trip find themselves in the middle of a guerilla war.
The Bottom Line: "Padded" doesn't even begin to describe this episode, which seems to recreate every shot from every desert movie you can imagine. More...
Two Days and Two Nights (7.0 / C)
Summary: Enterprise finally makes it to Risa for shore leave.
The Bottom Line: A nice attempt to follow up on "Detained," but most of the subplots are strictly throwaway. More...
Shockwave (8.75 / B+)
Summary: Enterprise is recalled to Earth after their shuttlepod apparently destroys a colony's atmosphere and kills its 3600 inhabitants.
The Bottom Line: It'll all be reset in Part II, but there is still a lot to enjoy here. More...
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