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The Second Season

by David E. Sluss

2002 - 2003

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Shockwave, Part II (6.0 / D-)
Summary: Trapped in the far future, Archer and Daniels conceive a daring plan to return Archer to his time and to retake the Enterprise from the Suliban.
The Bottom Line: Having put themselves in an impossible situation in Part I, the writers go off the implausibility meter in hitting the reset button here. More...
Carbon Creek (4.5 / F)
Summary: Facing her performance review, T'Pol distracts the Captain with a story of her ancestor, who crash-landed on Earth in the 1950's.
The Bottom Line: While potentially fun, the episode is so poorly scripted and acted that it doesn't come close to justifying the contrivances and continuity gymnastics involved. More...
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