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Cynics Corner 4.02

by David E. Sluss

25 August 2001

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With the new fall television season almost upon us (already?), it was time to reorganize the site slightly. The changes this time were pretty minor, though slightly more significant than the largely unheralded 4.01 revision in November 2000. Highlights:
  • Made minor alterations to some of the graphics. The most controversial change will undoubtedly be the removal of The Cynic's photo, but I'm sure you'll all learn to live without it.
  • Rearranged the content on the home page slightly.
  • Added a new search tool to the home page, courtesy Google.
  • Added a new Enterprise section and a new Season 2 area for Andromeda.
  • Removed the Point-Counterpoint section. That never did amount to anything, sorry to say. The lone article in the section was moved to Miscellaneous Material, because I do think that was a worthwhile discussion.
  • Removed the X-Files section. I never did get around to doing any more reviews, and now that I've finally decided to quit watching that wreck of a series, it looks like I never will. The two reviews in that section were moved to Miscellaneous Material, though I probably should have just jettisoned them.
  • "Promoted" Babylon 5 back up to its own section. This was an aesthetic issue more than anything, not intended to indicate that there's any new material coming, though I may put the hatchet to this new "Legend of the Rangers" movie depending on when it airs.
  • Updated the long-neglected F.A.Q. and Links pages.

From the What Might Have Been Department: Originally, this redesign was going to be extensive, something I started developing a few months ago. The "CCV5" site, as I've come to think of it, is truly a clean break with the past, unlike previous "evolutionary" changes to the site over the years. However, it is for various reasons not ready to be released. So look for that to happen about a year from now, when we start ramping up for our fifth anniversary.




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