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SFTV-Related Links

Delta Blues: Reviews of Voyager by Jim Wright. Warning: These are extremely positive reviews, but they do include a detailed synopsis, often a transcript of each episode, which makes the site extremely useful as a reference. Reviews of Enterprise are also being posted there.

Psi Phi: Home of news, reviews, and other Star Trek resources. Also the place to find Star Trek reviews by Tim Lynch, who has come out of retirement to review Enterprise.

SF TV Schedule: Lee Whiteside keeps track of the air schedules of just about every Sci-Fi and Fantasy show out there.

SlipstreamWeb: The home for all things Andromeda. Run by the same guy who does Trek Today and Trek Nation.

Star Trek: Hypertext: If you would like to read commentary on Star Trek that is a bit less unrelentingly negative than what you'll find here, then I'd recommend Jammer's Reviews. A great site, in both content and design, even if Jammer is a little too optimistic for my tastes. :-)

The I Hate Star Trek Page: If you think I'm tough on Star Trek, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Trek Today: A daily-updated archive of Star Trek news, and a big booster of this site. I always look here to find out what I have to look -- ah -- forward to. Also try its companion site Trek Nation for articles, commentary, and other general information about Star Trek.


Beer Links

Brand Bierbrouwerij: A Dutch beer that to my knowledge hasn't been available in the States for years. I used to enjoy this one in its "cool white bottle."

Budweiser Budvar: Think "Budweiser" is an all-American institution? Guess again. Visit the home page of the original Budweiser, in the Czech Republic, and read about their battle with Anheuser-Busch over the rights to the Budweiser name.

Köstrizer Schwarzbierbrauerei: My current favorite beer. Be sure to try out the marble/billiards game (hit Gewinnspiel -- then START! -- then Gewinnspiel Starten to play).

Kulmbacher Brauerei: A page dedicated to the breweries of Kulmbach, in Bavaria, including EKU (Erste Kulmbacher Union) whose products, sadly, have disappeared in the U.S.

Leinenkugel's: A brewery in Wisconsin, USA. Their products are a mixed bag, with some outstanding beers and some truly dreadful ones. I'm partial to their Honey-Weiss and Northwoods Lager.

Pilsner Urquell: A genuine pilsner (not like the industrial corn lager made by the big U.S. brewers and labeled "pilsner") from the city that created the style, Plzen, Czech Republic.


Other Links

All Music Guide: This is the equivalent of IMDb for music, artists, albums, song titles, etc. if you're into that sort of thing.

Golden Earring: The official site of the best band in the world.

Internet Movie Database: A searchable database of movies and television shows, which includes cast and crew, release dates, etc. An excellent argument resolver.

NTN: The folks who run the interactive trivia game found in bars and restaraunts around North America. I'm a player from way back (SLUGS at Getaway Cafe).

Pegasus Mail: Still using LookOut? Shame on you.

Studio Capezzuti: Specializing in wacky, community-interactive works of art. This is our sponsor and, more importantly, my wife's site.

Vivisimo: A metasearch engine created by Carnegie Mellon University tech-heads.




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