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  Today is the fifth anniversary of the first Cynics Corner Review. "Five Years in the Cynics Corner" is a short retrospective and history lesson.

9/6/2002  A major redesign of the site is released today. If you're interested, here are the gory details about Cynics Corner 5.0.

8/31/2002  "The End of the Spool: The Cynic Bids Farewell to Andromeda": The Cynics Corner will no longer be covering Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda. Here's why. 

8/31/2002   Why's The Cynic so far behind this summer, and what's he going to do about it? Read the Master Plan.

11/26/2001  "Changing Rolls: The Cynic on Andromeda, Descendant," a special commentary in response to the news that Robert Hewitt Wolfe has left the series.

8/25/2001  We've undergone a minor redesign and reorganization. For the few who care, here are the details on Cynics Corner 4.02.

3/5/2001  Over at Trek Nation, you'll find my contribution to their series "The Court-Martial of Captain Janeway." I'm a prosecutor. Surprise, surprise.

9/6/2000  SlipstreamWeb, the Andromeda site run by Christian Höhne Sparborth, mastermind of Trek Nation and Trek Today, has posted an interview with The Cynic as well as my Cynics Corner Preview of Andromeda, designed to introduce future Andromeda viewers to my inimitable style and to give my thoughts on the new series as launch day approaches. 

7/23/2000  "Voyager's Non-Removable Discontinuities": A Point/Counterpoint discussion of Voyager's continuity troubles with Dr. Thomas Bieske and Yours Truly.

6/25/2000  An article on the move to the domain and the design changes that were implemented. Read about all the whys and wherefores of Our New Home.

5/26/2000  Read the Cynics Corner Preview of the Seventh Season of Voyager and learn how to distinguish what a Paramount Suit says from what it really means.

2/27/2000  Trek Nation, declaring yours truly a "leading figure in the online Trek community," has posted a Community Profile of me. Participate in my shameless self-promotion by clicking here.

8/3/1999  I wrote an article for Trek Nation called "The Franchise's Future," the franchise in question being Star Trek. Go get it.

2/15/1999  "The Cynic on X-Files' 'Bull Disclosure'": A commentary about the episode "One Son" and the state of The X-Files series in general.

2/9/1999  Cynics Corner Review of The X-Files' "Two Fathers."




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