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by David E. Sluss

25 June 2000

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So here we are. The Cynics Corner has a proper home at last. In addition to moving to our own domain, we have implemented a number of design changes as well.  Here's a listing of the most significant changes and the motivations for them.

1. We've gone back to our traditional name "The Cynics Corner." The revisionist "Cynics Corner Interactive," in effect for the last year or so, never meant anything, though I liked the sound of it. I had planned to have some actual interactive elements at the site, but they never worked out. 

2. The frames, and therefore the tap system menu, are gone. Let's face it, frames suck. I know a lot of people will miss the tap system, myself included, but frankly navigation will be a lot easier without it, the main page will load more quickly, and the site will look a lot less amateurish as a result. The main page now is an updated version of what used to be called the "No-Frills Main Page," though it is actually a throwback of sorts to the main page we had around two years ago. Simpler is indeed better, I think.

3. The default text size (3) is now used on all reviews. This was the most significant (and time-consuming) change. I always kind of liked the bigger text (size 4), but it was non-standard, and it looked strange, and yes, amateurish on the web. If you're used to reading the large type, remember that most browsers nowadays support end-user adjustments to web page text size.

4. Link colors were changed from White/Gray to Beige/Burnt Yellow. They stand out a lot better.

5. Main pages for DS9 and Voyager were deep-sixed; seasons for those shows were broken up into separate directories. Having that extra level of navigation served no legitimate purpose. And the refined directories will make things a little more organized on this end.

6. The counter image was placed on every page. Don't worry, I'm not cheating. The Site Meter counter I now use records page views but only displays the number of unique visitors to the site (so that if you visit all 140 pages, you only get counted once).

7. Corrections and alterations were made to various reviews. I didn't alter the content of old reviews, tempted as I was in many cases, but I did correct spelling, italicize the names of shows and ships, and replaced Usenet acronyms with actual words, since not everyone knows the Usenet lingo.

These were all designed to make the site look and work a lot better, and hopefully they succeeded. If you want to comment, or let me know about any errors that you find, you can of course email us, at our new address,

Meanwhile, thanks to everyone who has visited in the past and to those webmasters who link to The Cynics Corner, thus generating the level of traffic that encouraged me to make this transition. Special thanks go out to Christian Höhne Sparborth of Trek Today and Trek Nation and Jamahl Epsicokhan of Star Trek: Hypertext whose links probably provide the bulk of the traffic that we get (of course now, they'll probably drop me :-).




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