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Star Trek: Voyager

The Fourth Season

by David E. Sluss

1997 - 1998

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Cynics Corner Reviews are available for many episodes from Voyager's fourth season, and for the season as a whole.
Scorpion, Part II (6.5 / D)
Summary: Janeway cuts a deal with the Borg, but is it a deal with the devil? Well, duh!
The Bottom Line: Unlike many past Trek "cliffhangers," this was not a severe disappointment, but while generally entertaining, there were some aspects of the episode that don't survive any real scrutiny. More...
The Gift (7.5 / C)
Summary: Janeway loses one adoptive daughter, but gains another, in an amalgam of high-tech cosmetic surgery and questionable evolutionary theory.
The Bottom Line: While there are some of the usual idiocies present in the episode, I liked it much more than I expected. More...
Day of Honor (5.5 / F+)
Summary: The U.S.S. Voyager gets a new bumper sticker to go along with its shiny new paint job: "Practice Unexpected Acts of Kindness," as Tom and B'Elanna struggle for life and love in the unrelenting vacuum of space.
The Bottom Line: An episode that eschews some cliches but embraces many more. Move along. Nothing new to see here. More...
Nemesis (5.0 / F)
Summary: Chakotay plays a virtual reality version of Doom.
The Bottom Line: An episode chock full of cliches, Trek and otherwise, further sabotaged by the inept acting. More...
Revulsion (5.7 / F+)
Summary: Doc and Torres encounter a holographic janitor with a murderous hatred for organic beings. 
The Bottom Line: The usual crapola. More...
The Raven (not reviewed)
Scientific Method (3.86675 / F)
Summary: Alien experimentation leads to physical and behavioral problems amongst the crew.
The Bottom Line: A grotesque patchwork of body parts cobbled together from various Next Generation episodes.  More...
Year of Hell, Part I (7.0 / C-)
Summary: The Krenim alter history in an attempt to restore their lost empire, and Voyager is clobbered by the restored Krenim.
The Bottom Line: There were some damned interesting things going on in this show, which just begs the question: Why can't anything interesting happen in Voyager's real universe? More...
Year of Hell, Part II (6.9 / D+)
Summary: The increasingly rickety Voyager and her increasingly psychotic crew struggle against the Krenim. 
The Bottom Line: An interesting episode, but since none of it happened, thanks to the Extra-Large Reset Button, does it really matter? More...
Random Thoughts (not reviewed)
Concerning Flight (4.5 / F)
Summary: Voyager gets mugged, and Maestro DaVinci must go all out to get the loot back.
The Bottom Line: Generally contrived and stupid. More...
Mortal Coil (not reviewed)
Waking Moments (not reviewed)
Message in a Bottle (not reviewed)
Hunters (not reviewed)
Prey (not reviewed)
Retrospect (not reviewed)
The Killing Game, Part I (not reviewed)
The Killing Game, Part II (not reviewed)
Vis a Vis (not reviewed)
The Omega Directive (6.5 / D)
Summary: A secret Starfleet order compels the Voyager crew to destroy techno-particles, no matter what the cost.
The Bottom Line: Clearly, the technobabble has gotten out of hand when it appears in the very titles of the episodes. Sheesh. Still, we did get some decent character work, especially for Seven of Nine. Some key plot holes damage the show greatly, however. More...
Unforgettable (not reviewed)
Living Witness (7.5 / C)
Summary: The Doctor arrives in a future in which history portrays the Voyager as evil marauders.
The Bottom Line: Quite a compelling episode, which begs once again the question: "Why can't anything interesting happen in Voyager's real reality?" A few cliches and contrivances hurt the episode somewhat, but it's an enjoyable watch. More...
Demon (2.0 / F-)
Summary: A search for deuterium leads to weirdness.
The Bottom Line: An absurd episode, with science that is appalling even by Voyager's extremely low standards. More...
One (6.0 / D-)
Summary: Seven is left all alone when passage through a dangerous region of space requires the rest of the crew to go into stasis.
The Bottom Line: So dull it very nearly put me into stasis. More...
Hope and Fear (8.0 / B-)
Summary: A mysterious alien shows up with a way back to the Alpha Quadrant, but is it too good to be true? Well, duh!
The Bottom Line: If they had to do a Gilligan's Island episode, at least they did it with style. More...
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