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by David E. Sluss

30 September 1997

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: Chakotay plays a virtual reality version of Doom, in an episode chock full of cliches, Trek and otherwise. I give some points for the attempt to give the Vori a culture, but the effort is sabotaged by the inept acting of the guest stars and by the "Gee, none of this really happened" ending which we've seen so many times before. Are you sure Braga didn't write this?


ROTTEN GUEST ACTOR OF THE WEEK: Pick one; you can't lose.

FULL MONTY OF THE WEEK: The laff line of the episode, at least for me, occured when the Vori leader chastised one of his men, asking "Who is our enemy?" The reply, "None but the Nemesis," was delivered in a Knights-Who-Say-Ni voice that had me laughing hysterically..

PERVERTS OF THE WEEK: The Vori. "Sleep, and dream of your sisters and mothers." Umm, okay...

SCI-FI CLICHE OF THE WEEK: The "twist ending" in which the Humans are really the bad guys and the Ugly Aliens are the good guys. I'm sure that most viewers had this pegged from the moment they "glimpsed" the Nemesis.

HOWARD BEALE TRIBUTE OF THE WEEK: The "We're mad as hell, and we're not going to take it anymore!" motivational speech, laughably delivered by the Vori leader.

BAD DIALOGUE OF THE WEEK: B'Elanna's line in the briefing room: "Let's hope Chakotay doesn't run into these savage aggressors first." First, people don't talk that way, and second, it telegraphs the twist ending to the two or three people who hadn't already figured it out.

PSYCHIC OF THE WEEK: Neelix, who seems to know a lot about this conflict, despite being about 11,000 LY away from any territory he knows. Yes, they tried to doctor this up by having Neelix say "According to the ambassador..." but that makes it even worse, as it suggests that Janeway, whose first officer is missing, has made Morale Officer/Chef/Professional Buffoon Neelix the liaison with the aliens attempting to find Chakotay. Jeez, and we all thought the Captain liked Chakotay...

STARVING PEOPLE OF THE WEEK: The Voyager crew. Three shuttles lost in three weeks? Hope you've been stockpiling your replicator rations...

RESET BUTTON OF THE WEEK: Janeway tells us that Chakotay will be dealing with the effects of his experience for a long time. Somehow I doubt it. People have the ability to bounce right back from brainwashing. Why, look at Geordi, after Next Generation's "The Mind's Eye," or O'Brien, after Deep Space Nine's "Hard Time." No problemo.

ABSENTEE OF THE WEEK: Seven of Nine, in an act of poor timing. UPN has been flooding the airwaves with "The reviews are in! Everyone luvs 7/9!" Of course, anyone who was tricked into watching this week doesn't get even a peek at this terrific new character, so what good did that promo do?

PREDATOR OF THE WEEK: Is it the Ugly Aliens, who seem not unlike a certain Feature Creature from a decade ago? Nope, it's the Paramount accountants, watching as the Nielsons slip-slide away and smelling blood.

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