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by David E. Sluss

16 October 1997

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: Doc and Torres encounter a holographic janitor with a murderous hatred for organic beings. Meanwhile Kim proves himself a master debater, as he talks himself out of getting it on with Seven of Nine.


MALPRACTICE OF THE WEEK: The Doctor's inaction regarding the virus that allegedly killed the janitor's crew. Sure it was a BS story, but Doc and Torres didn't know that until later. And yet Doc did nothing about it. He didn't scan for the the virus or ask to see the bodies ("Oh, they're hanging from the rafters down on the lower deck; I'll show you!") despite the fact that Torres would have been at risk for infection. Now, which hologram was it that was malfunctioning? Call the lawyers!

TEMPORAL ANOMALY OF THE WEEK: Only three days after Tom and B'Elanna's lovefest in space? So, what was Chakotay's mindwar in "Nemesis," chopped liver? Hmm... now that I think about it...

RETRO SF MOMENT OF THE WEEK: I noticed some comments about the "ragtag fugitive fleet," shown on DS9 this same week, but was I the only one who thought that the janitor's ship looked a bit like Hawk's ship from the Buck Rogers TV show?

SURPRISE OF THE WEEK: A shuttle is used...and survives! [That was nothing compared to two surviving shuttles the following week in "The Raven," but still...]

LECHEROUS MATCHMAKER OF THE WEEK: Chakotay, doing his best imitation of William T. Riker as he tortures Kim by keeping him "on" with Seven of Nine.

BUZZWORD OF THE WEEK: Continuity, a boatload of it. Are there any past episodes of Voyager that weren't referenced? Well, besides the previous week's "Nemesis." Frankly, this is a good trend that we've seen throughout the beginning of this season.

UNPUNISHED COURT-MARTIAL OFFENSE OF THE WEEK: Tom and Harry's stupid prank on Tuvok. Granted it isn't as serious an offense as, say, sabotaging a planet's environmental control system, but here are two Starfleet officers who are impeding the work of another officer and messing around with his equipment. And would the ultra-PC Starfleet stand for human officers making fun of Vulcan language and culture by making light of the Vulcan phrase "Live long and prosper" in their little prank? I think not. To the holodeck, Kim and Paris, for multicultural re-education with the Clinton hologram.

UNPUNISHED COURT-MARTIAL OFFENSE OF THE WEEK RUNNERUP: Tuvok, who improperly wore a pip he didn't deserve for several weeks a few years ago, but is now awarded the pip legitimately. What would Admiral Boorda say?

LINE OF THE WEEK: Is it one of sad sack Harry Kim's pathetic come-ons to Seven of Nine? Nope, "It's a long story," spoken at least three times by at least three different characters. And, damn if it wasn't the truth; I thought the story would never end.

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