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by David E. Sluss

1998 - 1999

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Cynics Corner Reviews are available for all episodes from Voyager's fifth season, and for the season as a whole.
Night (7.0 / C-)
Summary: The crew is demoralized by a lengthy trip through a desolate area of space.
The Bottom Line: Inoffensive, but largely unaffecting. One of the few Trek season premieres of recent years that isn't an Event Show, and maybe that's a good thing. More...
Drone (7.5 / C)
Summary: A freak accident results in the creation of a 29th Century Borg drone.
The Bottom Line: Not bad, but it feels like something we've seen many times before, and it suffers from some contrivances. More...
Extreme Risk (6.0 / D-)
Summary: Torres exhibits self-destructive behavior, while the crew struggles to retrieve a probe before aliens do..
The Bottom Line: Standard fare. It's nice to see some issues, like the bottomless shuttle pool and the presence of Maquis crew members on Voyager, finally being addressed, but it's a case, I'm afraid, of "too little, too late." More...
In the Flesh (6.0 / D-)
Summary: An insidious Species 8472 plot against Earth is discovered.
The Bottom Line: A reasonably well-executed episode, but the ideas behind it are suspect, to say the least. More...
Once Upon a Time (7.0 / C-)
Summary: When Ensign Wildman is feared lost in a shuttle crash, Neelix must figure out how to break the news to her young daughter.
The Bottom Line: Harmless fluff, surprisingly unannoying. A strange choice for sweeps, though. More...
Timeless (5.5 / F+)
Summary: An attempt to return home using experimental technology results in tragedy.
The Bottom Line: Strangely unaffecting. Usually, Voyager's "Event shows" are at least interesting, even if they are sometimes devoid of logic and/or respect for the audience. But this show didn't seem all that interesting, and in places was downright dull. More...
Infinite Regress (6.5 / D)
Summary: Seven exhibits symptoms of Multiple Personality Disorder, while the crew investigates the destruction of a Borg vessel.
The Bottom Line: A lot better than it looked from the preview, but that isn't saying much, is it? More...
Nothing Human (4.0 / F)
Summary: When an alien attacks Torres, the Doctor faces a moral dilemma when he learns that the only possible treatment for her arises from inhumane medical experiments performed by a Cardassian war criminal.
The Bottom Line: Contrived, preachy, and hypocritical. More...
Thirty Days (6.5 / D)
Summary: Paris' insubordinate behavior gets him a month in the brig.
The Bottom Line: Nothing special. A lot of questionable characterization, questionable tech, and questionable acting from the guest stars. And Paris got off easy. More...
Counterpoint (8.0 / B-)
Summary: Voyager attempts to smuggle refugees through alien space.
The Bottom Line: A surprise, with captain, crew, and writer(s) coming off as remarkably competent. More...
Latent Image (6.5 / D)
Summary: The Doctor discovers errors in his memory and attempts to discover what is missing.
The Bottom Line: A decent premise, buried by errors in continuity and logic, and a bizarre and over-the-top final act. More...
Bride of Chaotica! (6.5 / D)
Summary: Aliens invade the holodeck, believing that the Chaotica program represents real life!
The Bottom Line: Difficult to judge. When the powers that be set out to deliberately produce schlock, how am I to rate the result? More...
Gravity (5.0 / F)
Summary: When Paris and Tuvok are stranded by a shuttle crash, a woman begins stalking Tuvok.
The Bottom Line: Sci-Fi romance is admittedly not my cup of tea, but that bias notwithstanding, I found this episode to be deadly dull and full of questionable plot devices. More...
Bliss (6.0 / D-)
Summary: Voyager is swallowed by a space creature!
The Bottom Line: Dull and derivative, though well-acted. More...
Dark Frontier (5.0 / F)
Summary: The Borg Queen attempts to lure Seven back into the Borg Collective.
The Bottom Line: It looks good, like a neatly wrapped package, but inside is a lump of coal, forged by inexcusable continuity gaffes, inept characterization, and unbelievable situations. More...
The Disease (1.5 / F-)
Summary: Harry's indiscretion with an alien female gives him a social disease.
The Bottom Line: Garbage. A not-particularly-interesting idea that might have been saved by acting, had any actors been cast in the lead roles. More...
Course: Oblivion (7.7 / C+)
Summary: When the crew begins to literally break down, they make a shocking discovery.
The Bottom Line: Say, that wasn't too bad; but why can't anything interesting happen to the real Voyager crew? More...
The Fight (2.5 / F-)
Summary: Chakotay is forced to box an alien menace. Say what?
The Bottom Line: An undercard bum with a glass jaw; Voyager takes a dive. More...
Think Tank (6.7 / D+)
Summary: A group of aliens offers to help Janeway, but is the price too high?
The Bottom Line: Reasonably entertaining, with contrivances kept to a minimum, but with some irritating problems. More...
Juggernaut (6.0 / D-)
Summary: Is a monster terrorizing a crippled Malon garbage scow?
The Bottom Line: Voyager does Toxic Avenger. Gets serious social disease as a result. More...
Someone To Watch Over Me (6.2 / D)
Summary: When Seven experiments with dating, the Doctor's repressed feelings for her come to the surface.
The Bottom Line: Mostly fluff, with a few instances of witty dialogue. But not my cup of tea, particularly with Robert Picardo phoning in his performance while apparently under the influence of speed. More...
11:59 (6.8 / D+)
Summary: A tale of Janeway's 20th Century ancestor.
The Bottom Line: Nothing blatantly offensive to good taste or common sense, but was there a point to this? More...
Relativity (7.0 / C-)
Summary: Time travelers from the future use Seven in their bid to prevent Voyager's destruction.
The Bottom Line: It's hard to nitpick a show that's deliberately designed to have continuity errors, but I'll do my best. It's an interesting watch, but hasn't Star Trek's Time Travel Well run dry yet? More...
Warhead (7.0 / C-)
Summary: Voyager encounters a sentient weapon of mass destruction.
The Bottom Line: Picardo's the man, as he single-handedly saves this episode from being a total disaster, mired as it was in questionable plot devices and ridiculous technobabble. More...
Equinox (6.5 / D)
Summary: Voyager discovers another Federation starship, but they have a dark secret.
The Bottom Line: A reasonable premise, but the execution is strangely soulless and a lot less interesting than it should have been. More...
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