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by David E. Sluss

24 October 1998

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: Not bad, but it feels like something we've seen many times before, and it suffers from some contrivances.


LOAFER OF THE WEEK: Seven of Nine. The mention of transwarp conduits reminds me that she's supposed to have been working on that for the past year.

TEMPORAL ANOMALY OF THE WEEK: B'Elanna says the Doctor's mobile emitter is from 500 years in the future, Doc says it's from 400 years in the future. I guess all of that TTT (Trek Time Travel) over the years really has mucked up the timeline.

RECYCLING OF THE WEEK: Well, the Voyager environmental propaganda machine is pushing recycling again this week. Look what happens when we mix a little bit of Next Generation's "I, Borg" with a dab of "The Child" and just a pinch of Deep Space Nine's "The Abandoned."

VOYAGER CLICHE OF THE WEEK: Another lost shuttle? You'd think they'd learn not to fly those damn things near any sort of phenomena whatsoever. And I guess we're about to get a whole new shuttle to lose. Hooray!

CONTRIVANCES OF THE WEEK: Where to start? How about a transporter accident that scrambles the away team's patterns but has only one ill effect on the people: putting Seven's nanoprobes in Doc's emitter. Why didn't Paris get Torres' blood cells? Why didn't Torres get Seven's... oh never mind. How about crewman Mulcahey, who walks into the lab to find it glowing green but is too dumb to report it to anyone before investigating on his own? How about this "29th Century Super Duper Borg," who apparently has all the tech of the 29th century at his disposal, despite being based on nothing but a holo-imaging gizmo? Why would a Borg or anyone else be able to extrapolate advanced weapons and advanced shields based on that? It's like sending a flashlight back to Christopher Columbus and expecting him to be able to figure out how to build an Uzi based on it.

CONTRADICTION OF THE WEEK: Before commercial, Seven looks at the tank and says "Borg don't reproduce in this way." After commercial, Seven says the Borg baby is maturing 25% faster than a normal Borg. But you just said Borg don't reproduce that way, so how would you know? Besides, Borg assimilation has been shown to be nearly instantaneous in, say, First Contact. The development of this advanced Borg may have been fast, but not as fast as the "normal assimilations" we've witnessed.

ILL-CONCEIVED MOTIVATIONS OF THE WEEK: So thanks to None's noble sacrifice, the Borg won't come after Voyager? That shouldn't be true. The Borg came because they learned of a drone on Voyager and wanted to recover it. The collective should have learned about Seven's presence on Voyager when None's mind was connected to the hive. Shouldn't they be just as interested in recovering Seven? Hell, if they are that interested in recovering None (before, it should be pointed out, they knew he was a Super Duper Borg), shouldn't they have been interested in recovering Seven all along? The Borg should change their catch-phrase to "Consistency is futile."

WHAT'S HOLDING IT UP? OF THE WEEK: No, not Torres' nightie, but something else in that "male demographic ploy" bed and shower scene: Torres throws her towel over the comm panel, so that the Doctor can't see her naughty bits. One problem: the panel is flat on the wall; what is the towel hanging on?

RESET BUTTON OF THE WEEK: Well, there's no mention of whether the Doctor gets his emitter back, but I'll bet he does. And we'll never know how the hell it was fixed, given that it's 29th Century tech that Voyager's people shouldn't really understand in the first place and that it was damaged, assimilated, totally changed in function, and installed in someone's head for a couple of days.

RESET BUTTON OF THE WEEK RUNNER-UP: What are the odds that None's Super Duper Phasers and Super Duper Shields will be utilized in the future? Like most of the advanced tech Voyager has stumbled across over the years, I presume these things will wind up in the Continuity Ashcan. Just Super.

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