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"Think Tank"

by David E. Sluss

3 April 1999

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: Reasonably entertaining, with contrivances kept to a minimum, but with some irritating problems.


STUNT CASTING OF THE WEEK: Jason "the neurotic oaf from Seinfeld" Alexander, obviously. I'm not a fan of his to begin with, but I have to say his performance here seemed really weak. Partly, it's typecasting, i.e. it's hard for the viewer to imagine that guy being some kind of genius, but it's mainly that his line delivery was not credible at all. Fortunately for him, there was an even worse guest star, namely the "actor" portraying the Hazari captain.

CONTRIVANCE OF THE WEEK: How convenient for the Fink Tank (and the writers) that Seven just happened to be the one crew member Janeway took with her on the away mission to their vessel. Janeway was permitted to take only one person with her. Wouldn't it have made more sense to take Tuvok, to assess any security risks posed by the Fink Tank or their ship?

FORGETFULNESS OF THE WEEK THIRD RUNNER-UP: Hey, Janeway, what's this about the Hazari being the "best hunters in the quadrant?" What are the Hirogen, chopped liver? Well....

FORGETFULNESS OF THE WEEK SECOND RUNNER-UP: Hey, George, why not include in your list of requests the Doctor's 29th century emitter?

FORGETFULNESS OF THE WEEK FIRST RUNNER-UP: Hey, Voyager crew, why didn't anyone think to ask the fink tank to figure out a way to get to the Alpha Quadrant quickly?

And the winnah is...

FORGETFULNESS OF THE WEEK: Hey writers, how about that 10,000+ light year jump in "Dark Frontier?" Why is the possibility of Mylar involvement in the "Hazari paradox" presented when they are, what, 20 years away? This happened a number of times last year, when the 10,000 light year jump in "The Gift" seemed to have been forgotten, and it looks as though the same thing is going on now.

CONTINUITY OF THE WEEK: Since the writers botched the continuity of the "Dark Frontier" jump, they tried to make up for it with name-dropping masquerading as continuity, with mention of the Quantum Shitstream drive and the Vidiian phage. The latter is also irritating in that we were subjected to all those awful Vidiian episodes, only to have the race cured offscreen, with an offhand remark; admittedly, George may have been lying, but still...

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