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by David E. Sluss

2000 - 2001

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Cynics Corner Reviews are available for all episodes from
Voyager's seventh season, and for the season as a whole.
Unimatrix Zero, Part II (5.0 / F+)
Summary: The crew works with the Unimatrix Zero drones to undermine the Borg Collective from within.
The Bottom Line: Voyager's season premiere features erratic pacing, commercial breaks that seem to take place at random, time-to-pay-the-bills intervals, and a lot of the usual Voyager hokum. More...
Imperfection (7.0 / C-)
Summary: Seven's life is jeopardized when one of her Borg implants malfunctions.
The Bottom Line: Though good in places, there are too many problems to call this episode a success. In short, this episode lives up to its title. More...
Drive (7.5 / C)
Summary: Paris enters the Delta Flyer in a race.
The Bottom Line: A pretty harmless puff piece, with little going for it or against it. In other words, a Voyager triumph. More...
Repression (4.0 / F)
Summary: Tuvok investigates a series of attacks on Voyager personnel.
The Bottom Line: Contrivance Central; an episode in which virtually all characterization, logic, common sense, and good taste are tossed out the airlock so that we could have our yearly Maquis Episode. More...
Critical Care (7.5 / C)
Summary: When his program is stolen, the Doctor finds himself forced to work in an alien hospital.
The Bottom Line: A decent episode, but it proves once again that subtlety is a four-letter word at the Voyager offices. More...
Inside Man (7.0 / C-)
Summary: A holographic version of Lt. Barclay is transmitted to Voyager from the Alpha Quadrant.
The Bottom Line: Standard fare, chock full of the usual suspects: idiot plot elements, Sweeps stunts, and Star Trek Welfare recipients. More...
Body and Soul (5.0 / F+)
Summary: To avoid discovery by aliens, the Doctor hides his prorgam in Seven's body.
The Bottom Line: Bleah. The novelty of Seven's situation (and Ryan's imitation of Picardo) wears off in a hurry, leaving behind only a lame story. More...
Nightingale (6.0 / D-)
Summary: Kim takes command of an alien vessel whose captain has been killed.
The Bottom Line: An annoying B-story paired up with an annoying C-story. No A-story in sight. More...
Flesh and Blood (6.5 / D)
Summary: The Doctor discovers a group of sentient holograms who have been abused by the Hirogen.
The Bottom Line: The ultimate holodeck show, signifying next to nothing, as most of the usual Voyager suspects rear their ugly heads. More...
Shattered (7.0 / C-)
Summary: An anomaly fractures space and time aboard Voyager.
The Bottom Line: Temporal anomalies and retrospectives are so common on Voyager that this episode can't really be anything but standard fare. More...
Lineage (9.0 / A-)
Summary: When Torres learns she is pregnant, she must come to terms with her Klingon heritage and that of her child.
The Bottom Line: A damned good episode. More...
Repentance (6.5 / D)
Summary: Voyager assists in the transportation of dangerous alien criminals.
The Bottom Line: A potentially interesting show, but the writers display all the subtlety of a two-by-four to the head, and can't resist a space attack and phaser fight with Surly Forehead Aliens. More...
Prophecy (6.5 / D)
Summary: The crew encounters a group of Klingons who believe that Torres' unborn child is their savior.
The Bottom Line: The usual Klingon Klaptrap, saddled with silly D-stories. More...
The Void (8.5 / B)
Summary: Voyager becomes trapped in a region of space in which stranded crews survive by preying on necomers.
The Bottom Line: Overall, a decent outing, and in many ways a microcosm of what Voyager should have been all along but wasn't. More...
Workforce (7.0 / C-)
Summary: The crew is abducted, subjected to memory erasure, and put to work on a planet suffering from a labor shortage.
The Bottom Line: A decent, if unoriginal, change of pace, sure to be hosed in next week's conclusion. More...
Workforce, Part II (7.5 / C)
Summary: The few remaining crew members work to free the crew from Quarren.
The Bottom Line: Surprisingly decent as "part twos" go, but a too-clean ending and some awful acting take their toll. More...
Human Error (5.0 / F+)
Summary: Seven explores human emotions.
The Bottom Line: An episode that serves little purpose other than to titillate and then to resoundingly reset itself. More...
Q2 (4.0 / F)
Summary: Q returns, seeking advice on how to handle his out-of-control son.
The Bottom Line: A pointless stunt episode without even an interesting stunt. More...
Author, Author (7.0 / C-)
Summary: The Doctor writes a holo-novel and transmits it to the Alpha Quadrant for publication, with unexpected results.
The Bottom Line: Maybe there should be an episode addressing the Doctor's rights as a hologram. And maybe there should be an episode featuring the crew's interaction with their families. And maybe there should be another holographic farce episode. I'm just not sure they should all be the same episode. More...
Friendship One (6.5 / D)
Summary: Starfleet sends Voyager on a mission to locate a lost deep space probe.
The Bottom Line: Move along, nothing to see here. More...
Natural Law (5.0 / F+)
Summary: Seven and Chaktotay crash-land in an area of a planet sealed off by a force field.
The Bottom Line: There's a B-story and a C-story. Where's the A-story? More...
Homestead (7.5 / C)
Summary: Neelix discovers a group of Talaxians living inside an asteroid that is sought by alien miners.
The Bottom Line: A serviceable episode, and the only recent episode that seems like it ought to be airing at the end of Voyager's run, but nothing to write home about. More...
Renaissance Man (7.0 / C-)
Summary: The Doctor is blackmailed into stealing Voyager's warp core.
The Bottom Line: I guess it's supposed to be a comedy, but it's not all that funny, nor is it original or free of the usual Voyager inanities. More...
Endgame (5.0 / F+)
Summary: On Earth, decades in the future, Admiral Janeway plots to interfere with history so that Voyager gets back to Earth sooner and with fewer casualties.
The Bottom Line: A big "Up yours" card from Voyager's staff to Voyager's viewers. More...
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